4 September 2019

Steam is coming to China as a new independent marketplace!

In this article I will tell you about Steam opening up a new marketplace in China! It’s a huge news for the world of gaming and I am sure it will interest most of you my friends! Let’s dive right in 😉


Steam announced that it’s going to be on it’s way to China as a separate marketplace thanks to the collaboration of Valve and Perfect World, its Chinese partner.


As read on Technode, Steam China will be almost completely separate from Steam, and looks like the official name will be “Zhengqi Pingtai”, which translates to Steam Platform. This comes handy, since the Chinese game regulators have been very strict with the release of new games, this new formula will allow Valve to conform to the regulations without having to change the way they do things in other parts of the world. A huge WIN-WIN situation. Valve has had issues in the past with violent games and sexually explicit games released on the platform, but this should be the way to walk around the issues!


Around 40 games will be released initially, including Dota 2 and Dota Underlords and many other games that are currently available on the international platform.

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